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Asian Marine Services Public Company Limited was established in 1981 as a marine survey company with registered capital of  200,000 Baht. The Company later reviewed its original corporate objective in view of the growing demand for ship repair services of required standard. And purchased its first floating dock, Asimar 1, from Japan.

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The Terminal landing Platform contourse Building

Suvarnabhumi Airport


The Company subsequently became listed as a public company limited and changed its name to Asian Marine Services Public Company Limited or ASIMAR.



The Company delivered "M.V. AZZAM" a well text / stimulate supply vessel to ALMANSOORI PRODUCTION SERVICE LLC. of the United Arab Emirates 


The Company entered a joint venture with GLOBECO S.P.A. of Italy, one of the world’s leading companies in waterway waste-management, to establish Ecomarine Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) whose major business focuses on providing pollution and waste disposal services in waterways such as water hyacinth, garbage and oil spills


The Company completed building the structure of a 442 TEU cargo ship—the largest ever to be built in Thailand, for GATI LIMITED of India, which commenced in 2007 and is due to be delivered in 2008.


The Company was awarded to build 30 Tons and 40 Tons Bollard Pull Tractor Tug in 2009 ...... delivered in 2011


The Company proceeded on building delivered M.V. ADAMS NOMAT a building Support vessel K.A. AL-GOSAIBI DIVING AND MARINE SERVICES COMPANY of Saudi Arabia 


The Company proceeded with two project M.V. KOHTAKTEN the 4o Tons  Bolland Pull Tugboat Port Authority of Sihanoukville to  Tugboat vessels (KOH TAKIEV) and TARUA 123 a Buoy Tender vessel for Port Authority of Thailand


Open 2 nd shipyard in surat thani Province to expand operation to southern region of Thailand.


The Company delivered 50 Tons Bollard Pull Tugboat “ TARUA 304” to Laem Chabang Port, Port Authority of Thailand. 



Vision and Mission

Vision : To establish ASIMAR as an internationally recognized brand name in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry, through the application of technology in developing its manufacturing process to achieve excellence in quality, timely delivery and ultimate client satisfaction. 

Mission : Commitment to providing a high standard of service to clients by means of effective quality and time control comparable to a leading world-class shipyard, with continuing development and optimal efficiency in the management of company resources for 

 - Clients : Well-received outcomes and complete client satisfaction 

 - Shareholders : Target returns on investment to their satisfaction 

 - Employees : Human resources development with opportunities for career advancement and good quality of life 

 - Environment and Community : Participation in environmental and social development activities


Organisation Chart

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Asimar Group

Nature of Business 


General Marine Co., Ltd.

The Company is a sole shareholder in General Marine Co., Ltd., Operating as a distributor of machinery, spare parts and equipment.


Asimar Marine Co.,Ltd 

The Company is a sole shareholder inAsimarMarine Ltd. conducts business as ship repair contractor to the Company due to growing demand of the workforce in the market. The Company has great intention to develop highly skilled workforce to meet the standards set forth by Ship Classification Society. 

Eco Marine Co., Ltd.

Eco Marine Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between ASIMAR and ITALMARE S.P.A.(last name  GLOBELCO S.p.A.)from Italy with the shareholding structure of 93.15% and 6.85% respectively. ECOMARINE is a builder of vessels and renders services in the field of water antipollution e.g. debris collection, oil spill recovery, algae and weed harvesting for both private and public sectors.

Moreover, ITALMARE S.P.A. has been continuously supporting ECOMARINE Co., Ltd. in terms of both technology transfer and patented ship plans to further develop the industry as well.



Board of Directors


Nominating & Remuneration Committee


Board of Execution Directors


Audit Committee


Chief Executive Officer




Chief Marketing Officer


General Manager


Finance & Accounting



Human Resources & Administration Department


Production Department


Information Technology



Law Division


Marketing Department


Bussiness Department Division



Project Management Team


Engineering Team

Genaral Marine


Material Services Department



Quality Control and safety Division


Information Technology Division


Internal Auditor

Asimar Marine (AML)


Environment and Quality 

Asimar constantly and consciously strives to achieve high working standards to provide best quality services to our customers, and also ensure safety and good health for those involved in our business'activities. We believe in continuous improvement and enhancing our competencies to meet rapid global changes. And, It is our firmedcommitment to conserve and protect the environments of the working area and surrounding communities.