Amid the changing industry landscape and impacts of the new coronavirus pandemic in the past year, the Company has had to accelerate adapting to overcome challenges and keep the business moving forward with proactive dedication, modified strategies with emphasis on safety and speed in continued management in business operation to create confidence and generate return for customers, employees and all stakeholders, based on good corporate governance according to sustainable development guidelines.


Ship repair work continuously adapted resulting in good performance, based on adjusting strategies to reduce costs and increase competitiveness in volatile and challenging markets, with added proactive measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19 to ensure continuous and safe delivery to customers, rendering continuous revenue growth and profit in line with the set target, both at the head office and Surat Thani branch. Shipbuilding work focused on the development of ship designs, materials and technology to be in line with the development and direction of more modern usage, which emphasizes reduced energy consumption and being environmentally friendly. All works were delivered on schedule despite the impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic, including aluminum passenger ships, six water hyacinth removal vessels, as well as 14 in the process of delivery in 2021. Finally, on behalf of all executives and employees of the Company, I would like to thank everyone for your support and trust even in difficult circumstances. The Company will continue to develop and stand firm in the industry, ready for a resurgence of the industry in the near future so that we can continue to create sustainable growth.

Prakit  Pradipasen


56-1 One Report

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Financial Statement


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                        Consolidated                                1Q/2022                 2021                2020                  2019                 2018        

Shareholdes' Equity (Thousand Baht)                        428,930            439,082            443,373             464,031             482,669      

Issuad & Paid-up Capital (Thousand Baht)               258,291             258,291             258,291            258.291             258.291        

Total Revenues (Thousand Baht)                               153,275             512,167             493,695            440,771             524,897        

Net Profit (Loss) (Thousand Baht)                               (10,153)              21,557              30,621                1,060               26,450                  

Earning (Loss) per share (Baht)                                     (0.039)                0.083                0.119                 0.004                 0.101   

Total Assets (Thousand Baht)                                      760,110            711,998             718,285            755,159             751,993

Total Liabilities  (Thousand Baht)                                331,180            272,915            274,912             326,219             294,579    

Book Value per Share (Baht)                                             1.66                  1.70                   1.72                  1.66                   1.77 





No. of share




Shareholders Thai - Thai persons                                                               3,811        210,917,972    81.66


Shareholders Foregin - Foregin persons                                                          5                  20,895     0.01


Shareholders Thai - Thai juristic persons                                                          8           47,352,220   18.33


Shareholders Foregin – Foregin juristic persons                                             -                           -           -

No.            Major Shareholders              No. of Share       (%)

    1       Panitvong  Group                              47,022,641      18.21

    2       Tanpaibul   Group                              47,008,710      18.20

    3       Mr.Kiet  Srijomkhuan                         12,485,700        4.83

    4       Mr.Prawat  Chanruang                         5,667,300       2.19

    5       Mr.Tavee  Changpetch                        5,500,000        2.13

    6       Mr.Viroj   Tansirikongkol                      5,072,000        1.96

    7       Mr.Thanakorn  Yodpetch                     5,000,000        1.94

    8       Mr.Vichien  Srimuninnimitr                  4,992,900        1.93

    9       Mr.Suwit  Adisaitham                           4,398,100        1.70

   10      Mr.Siripong  Rueangrit                        3,600,000        1.39

Source: Thailand Securities Depository Co.,Ltd.  As of  15/3/2022

Note: Total paid-up capital  258,291,087 share , Par 1 Baht

Foraging Limit : 25% of Share

Minutes of the AGM

Notice of the AGM

Dividend Policy

   Not less than 40% of its net profit of each fiscal year after reserving as required by laws and loss carried forward (if any) for dividend payment

(with additional conditions)

                        Year                          2021               2020               2019                2018               2017               2016             

                  Bath / Share                    0.10                0.10                0.05                0.10                 0.20                0.12           

Divident Povici.jpg

Board of Director

Mr. Prakit Pradipasen

Mrs. Warawan Nganthavee

Mr. Sribhumi Sukhanetr

Mr. Prawat Chanruang

Mr. Sutin Tanphaibul

Mr. Prakit Pradipasen
Mr. Prakit Pradipasen

Chairman and Independent Director Education - MBA Wayne State University, Detroit, USA - BBA Silliman University, Dumaguete, The Philippines

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Mr. Sribhumi Sukhanetr
Mr. Sribhumi Sukhanetr

Independent Director, Audit Committee, Chairman of Nominating and Remuneration Committee Education - Honorary Degree in Mass Communication Thammasat University - National Defense College, Bangkok - Master Degree in Public Administration Ecole Nationale des Postes et Telecommunicatons, France - Faculte'de Droits,Paris

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Mrs. Warawan Nganthavee
Mrs. Warawan Nganthavee

Managing Director and Executive Director Education - MBA Ohio University USA - BBA (Accounting)

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Mr.sutin Tanpaipul
Mr.sutin Tanpaipul

Director and Executive Director Education - Mini MBA Thammasat University - BBA The East Philippines University - Diploma in Accounting Chulalongkorn University

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Mr. Prawat Chanruang
Mr. Prawat Chanruang

Director and Nomination and Remuneration Committee Education - BA (Business Administration) Thammasat University - BA (Accounting) Thammasat University

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Mr.Teerapong Tanphaibul
Mr.Teerapong Tanphaibul

Director Education -BBA Accounting Assumption University -MBA GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY

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Mr.Teerapong Tanphaibul

Mr. Bumroong Chinda
Mr. Bumroong Chinda

Independent Director and Audit Committee Education - Doctor of Architecture Rome University ltaly - Bachelor Degree in Architecture ChulalongkornUniversity

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Mrs.Luckana Srisod
Mrs.Luckana Srisod

Independent Director and Member of Audit Committee Education Master of Accounting-Financial Chulalongkorn University • Bachelor of Accounting Rajamangala University of Technology

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Mr. Nonn Panitvong
Mr. Nonn Panitvong

Director and Executive Director Education - Doctor of Environmental Kasetsart University - MBA North Carolina University Wilmington - BBA Assumption University

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Mr. Win  Panitvong
Mr. Win Panitvong

Director and Excutive Director Education - MBA Harvard Business School, Boston, MA - Bachelor of Arts in Economics (major in international economics) Thammasat University

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Mr. Suradej  Tanphaibul
Mr. Suradej Tanphaibul

Managing Director and Excutive Director Education - MBA University of central Oklahoma USA - Bachelor Degree Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy Thammasat University

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Mr. Bumroong Chinda

Mrs. Luckana Srisod

Mr. Nonn Panitvong

Mr. Win  Panitvong

Mr. Suradej  Tanphaibul

Corporate Governance


Award of Proud

Annual General Meeting

In 2012-2017, the Company received an appraisal of “Excellent” for the organization of its Annual General Meeting. Such appraisal was conducted the Securities Exchange Commission, the Thai Investor Association, and the Listed Companies Association. 

Good Corporate Governace

In 2009-2010 And 2012, the company has been evaluated Corporate Governance by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) to be “Excellent” CG Scoring

In 2013-2018, the company has been evaluated Corporate Governance by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) to be “Good” CG Scoring

At Febrruary 2, 2017 the company has bee evaluated Performance Awards by the Stock Exchange of Thailand to be capitalization of less than  3,000 Million baht

2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
Year End