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        In 2022, the overall economy in Thailand and all over the world has not recovered from the pandemic of COVID-19, which is likely to return to normal, but still faced with many risks, such as conflicting situations between Russia and Ukraine and high inflation, causing the central banks in many countries to use monetary policy "Announcement of Interest Rates Increase" to take care of inflation, including Thailand, causing the financial cost of the business sector to rise with positive factors at the end of the year, many countries began to gradually open up tourist and business activities including Thailand, allowing the domestic economy to begin to fully operate, including accepting foreign tourists, which is considered one of the country's main sources of income and the domestic economy began to improve.

        Performance in the past year, the company still has to deal with the volatility situation that occurred and adjust to be able to run business with continuous profits, although profits for the year decreased from the previous year, which has been affected by the economic conditions both domestically and internationally which are extremely volatile, both the impact of COVID-19, the conflict situation between Russia and Ukraine, the delivery of raw materials from abroad had to be delayed from the schedule and steel prices rose sharply at the beginning of the year. It is the main raw material for the business and the fluctuation of exchange rates affects the cost of shipbuilding as well as rising interest rates and oil prices all affect the cost of ship repair.

        However, the company is still committed to sustainable development, being prepared to deal with changes, conducting business prudently and constantly, adjusting strategies to suit the situation in order to increase competitiveness. The ship repair business has entered the government market more in order to earn extra income from private customers in which the market is highly competitive. As for shipbuilding this year, there are also projects to build medium-sized tug boats, HTMS Tachai of the Navy will be delivered in 2023 and continues to enter bids both domestically and internationally. The company is still looking for new business opportunities such as energy-saving business, study and development by introducing new technologies to develop shipbuilding to meet future market demands, such as Electric Vehicle (EV) powered by electricity instead of oil to become a market leader in this field. 

        In all situations and impacts, the Company still operates under the concept of Sustainable Development by integrating such guidelines as part of the operation to create a balance in the economy, society and the environment through good corporate governance, according to the principles of good governance to create a balance and sustainable value for all stakeholders.

        Lastly, I, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors and the management team of the Company. I would like to thank all shareholders, business partners and stakeholders, as well as all executives and employees for their dedication throughout the year 2022 and please be confident that we will continue to build a business to grow steadily and sustainably.


                                                                                                                                       Prakit   Pradipasen

                                                                                                                           Chairman of the Board of Directors

Annual Report

56-1 One Report & Annual Report

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Financial Statement

Financial Statement

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Source: Thailand Securities Depository Co.,Ltd.  As of  15/3/2022

Note: Total paid-up capital  258,291,087 share , Par 1 Baht

Foraging Limit : 25% of Share

Dividend Policy

   Not less than 40% of its net profit of each fiscal year after reserving as required by laws and loss carried forward (if any) for dividend payment

(with additional conditions)

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ESG final.jpg
Board of Director

Board of Director

Mr. Prakit Pradipasen

Mrs. Warawan Nganthavee

Mr. Sribhumi Sukhanetr

Mr.Chaiwat Chanrung

Mr. Sutin Tanphaibul

Mrs.Nuntawan   Sakuntanaga

Mr.Teerapong Tanphaibul

Mrs. Luckana Srisod

Mr. Nonn Panitvong

Mr. Win  Panitvong

Mr. Suradej  Tanphaibul

Coperate Governance

Corporate Governance

Award of Proud

Annual General Meeting

In 2012-2022, the Company received an appraisal of “Excellent” for the organization of its Annual General Meeting. Such appraisal was conducted the Securities Exchange Commission, the Thai Investor Association, and the Listed Companies Association. 

Good Corporate Governace

In 2009-2010 And 2012, the company has been evaluated Corporate Governance by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) to be “Excellent” CG Scoring

In 2013-2022, the company has been evaluated Corporate Governance by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) to be “Good” CG Scoring

At Febrruary 2, 2017 the company has bee evaluated Performance Awards by the Stock Exchange of Thailand to be capitalization of less than  3,000 Million baht

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